Floral Arrangement Engraved Apple Watch Band


One of our customer favorites! This floral arrangement watchband brings out anything it's paired with and is a timeless design. Whether it's date night, or just another day at the office, this band blends in with any setting!

Made from high-quality silicone, it will prevent skin from irritation and bring you a comfortable wearing experience.

Please select your size below:

  • 38mm/40mm S/M: 5.1"-7.1" (130mm-180mm)
  • 38mm/40mm M/L: 5.9"-7.9" (150mm-200mm)
  • 42mm/44mm S/M: 5.5"-7.5" (140mm-190mm)
  • 42mm/44mm M/L: 6.3"-8.3" (160mm-210mm)