Art Vault Box Kit


Are you inundated with a never-ending pile of artwork/homework/classwork from your child's school?

You have no clue what to do with the never-ending pile that comes in every week. 

Do you feel guilty throwing it away? 

We can help you. 

Ivy Designs Co. is offering digitization of your children’s artwork, homework, classwork.

We will digitize your the artwork that you send via high definition conversion to a digital format.  

You send us your child’s artwork in one of your box kits & we will digitize for you. 

You can chose to have the artwork returned to you or we can destroy it for you. 

We will offer to load all your children’s art onto a USB drive (additional $20) or access to the cloud for you to download (up to 3 months of free cloud service) 


The maximum size of artwork we can digitize artwork as big as 11in x 17in.